About Our Board of Directors

Laurissa Rex

Psychic Medium

Founder, PARA, Palmerton Area Resrearch Alliance

CEO Third Eye Event Productions

Assistant Director/Producer 24 HOurs in Hell

Third Eye Event Productions, LLC is a leading event hosting company based in Eastern Pennsylvania, aiming to educate and bring together community members interested in scientific paranormal research. The events are organized by PARA, Palmerton Area Research Alliance, a professional paranormal team with a collective experience of 55 years in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Events by Third Eye are diverse in location and scope, ensuring guests remain engaged and fascinated by genuine paranormal phenomena through interactive sessions. Guests can actively participate in investigations using hands-on equipment, techniques, and methods, or passively observe experiments conducted by the host investigators. Third Eye combines metaphysical approaches like mediumship with scientific equipment to present a comprehensive view of field research in the industry. The events include skilled psychic mediums and researchers, some affiliated with the prestigious Warren Legacy Foundation, distinguishing Third Eye from others in the field. Audio and video recording of experiences is provided, and patrons have the option to purchase footage of their personal investigations on guided tours. Equipment rental is available for a more immersive experience.

Third Eye is known for hosting events at lesser-known, minimally investigated locations, such as vineyards, authentically haunted attractions, mills, coal mines, US Navy ships, forts, and other unique venues. To keep the industry fresh, they continually seek out new locations.

Special guests like Daryl Marston from A&E's Ghost Hunters, David Childers from A&E, ScyFi, Destination Fear, Santiago Cirilo from The Walking Dead, and other industry celebrities make appearances at some events to interact with guests and offer different perspectives on field investigations. Certain events receive coverage on the talk show Our Haunted Lives, airing on Paraflixx, where hosts David Taylor and Ashley Moreno conduct live interviews.

Third Eye also hosts a podcast, PARA OPS, Open-minded Paranormal Skeptics, focusing on reviewing evidence captured during investigations by the host team and guests. Event attendees are involved in the entire paranormal journey, from investigation to evidence review, providing a complete investigator experience.

At Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, they serve as more than just entertainment and education – they act as a bridge, connecting the industry!


Dave Juliano


Owner, Ghosthunters Store

CEO, Haunted Exploration Events

Dave is dedicated to investigating and resolving intense hauntings and cases involving demonic activity. He offers consultations to independent investigators and groups facing challenging cases. As an ordained member of the clergy, he conducts deliverances and exorcisms when necessary. Growing up in New Jersey, Dave lived in a haunted house from the age of 3 until he moved out. The haunting evolved from typical activity to a demonic phase lasting three years. Initially terrified, he delved into supernatural literature seeking answers. Through collaboration with experts in the field, he gained insights into his experiences. Learning from leading figures in demonology, Dave aims to assist individuals frightened by paranormal encounters and offer hope in dire situations. Additionally, he possesses sensitivity to perceive and interact with spirits.

Dave has delved into investigating haunted places, offering consultation on cases, and aiding individuals for more than 37 years. Back in 1994, he established the Internet's inaugural paranormal website, concentrating on ghosts and other supernatural occurrences. The Shadowlands was crafted as a secure space for individuals to exchange their encounters with spirit activities and to find solace and guidance. Additionally, he introduced Ghost Hunting 101®, a valuable free resource for those seeking information on conducting ghost research safely and effectively. Through Ghost Hunting 101® classes and SJGR training classes, he has personally instructed numerous individuals on how to explore haunted locations responsibly and securely.

Dave has been a director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal for 24 years.  Sanctuary Paranormal, led by Dave, focuses on resolving negative cases by investigating and aiding individuals who report negative occurrences in their residences or workplaces. Specializing in challenging, intense, negative, and demonic hauntings, Dave is commonly known as a “demonologist”, despite his preference for a different title. With firsthand experience in cases involving deliverances, exorcisms, and personal encounters, he has authored works like ‘Positive Energy for Haunted Homes’, ‘Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes’, ‘Armor of God’, and ‘GhostHunting101.com’, along with numerous articles on The Shadowlands website. Offering assistance to individuals and teams facing specific cases or situations is also part of his expertise.

Dave currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife Michelle. He is the proud owner of The GhostHunter Store ®, the first establishment to offer paranormal and ghost hunting products, as well as metaphysical and religious items. Their brick and mortar stores were pioneering in Mount Holly NJ, Burlington NJ, and Gettysburg, PA. Additionally, they run Haunted Explorations Events, hosting public ghost hunts and paranormal expos. With a background in law enforcement and private security, Dave is a graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy and studied History and World Religions at Camden County College.

Dave has made appearances on various TV channels such as The History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel, and featured in numerous magazines, books, and radio shows. He was part of the Ghost Detectives cast on Fox and the CW. Dave is also a sought-after speaker at events and conferences nationwide, covering topics ranging from ghost hunting basics to demonology.

If you need help with a case, you can message him directly on Facebook or email Dave at DJ@dave-juliano.com

If you’d like to book him for an event, lecture or class please contact him via Facebook