Step into the enchanted world of the mysterious Black Swan Inn nestled in a historic town where even the ghosts are VIPs! This summer, gear up for a ghostly adventure with the fabulous David Childers, the enchanting Laurissa Rex, the mystical Medium Bianca Rose, and the awesome crew at PARA. Get ready for an exclusive evening filled with spirits, wine, chills, and thrills at this charming New Hampshire B&B.

Embark on an eerie journey starting with a ghostly gallery reading by Bianca that will leave you spellbound. VIP tickets come with a ghost hunt, gallery reading, wine, and cool ghost-hunting gear. Then, explore the ghostly grounds with Dave, Laurissa, and Bianca until the spirits decide it's time to hit the snooze button. Rise and shine to a scrumptious breakfast if you've snagged a room for the night.

Step right up to The Haunted Mafia's (THM) thrilling Psychic Showdown at the Haunted Clifton Theater: The Warren Files in Motion! Brace yourself for a mind-bending spectacle as a team of psychics, and Joe Franke, protege to Ed and Lorraine Warren, gather this summer at the Haunted Clifton Theater for a Psychic Showdown!

Witness Medium Bianca Rose, the Human Ouija Board**, Laurissa Mary** (24 Hours In Hell), and Irene Achelois in August as they dazzle with their psychic talents in a round-robin showdown at this electrifying event! Your VIP pass grants you access to 3 hours of mind-blowing mediumship readings from each of these gifted psychics, plus a special peek at evidence from the Warren Case Files by the legendary student of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Joe Franke. Discover the truth behind infamous cases and delve into 40 years of supernatural exploration with this seasoned paranormal pro. Cap off the evening with a screening of The Conjuring House, a film inspired by one of the most captivating Warren Case Files.

But wait, there's more! Prepare to explore the 200-year-old revamped Opera House after the show and interact with spirits from different eras. And for an extra thrill, stay overnight in the theater, or opt for the Seance/Spirit Circle ticket to witness the mediums channeling communication with a select group of guests after hours.

This event will be live streamed by David Taylor and Ashley Moreno on multiple platforms at Our Haunted Lives!

There are multiple ticket choices catering to various preferences, but only a limited number of VIP tickets available. Grab them before they're gone.


Welcome to Haunted Legends of the South Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park Edition! Get ready for a spine-chilling experience like no other. Join us on Sat, Jul 27, 2024, at 4:00 PM at the eerie Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park for a night of ghost hunting and paranormal exploration.

Bring your friends and brace yourself for a night full of thrills and scares as we uncover the mysteries of this haunted location. Are you brave enough to face the spirits that lurk within the abandoned park?

As seen on The Unexplained with William Shatner on Netflix and Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne on HULU, come witness the paranormal paradise known as one of the Top 10 Scariest Places on Earth, Haunted Lake Shawnee Amusement Park.

Join psychic medium Laurissa Rex, of the Warren Legacy Foundation and 24 Hours In Hell, along with the crew at PARA, for a paranormal camping trip of epic proportions. Broadcast by your favorite Paranormal TV Talk Show hosts, David Taylor and Ashley Moreno at Our Haunted Lives, the #1 Show on Paraflixx, this weekend will be filled with more action and excitement than the park has seen since 1966 when it was last opened as an amusement park to the public.

This July 27th celebrate summer with a campfire, mediumship demonstrations and paranormal investigating around the 100-acre HAUNTED park---- which still has some rides and structures eerily standing.

First, enjoy a gallery reading with Katherine Sorilos, as she receives messages from your loved ones beyond the veil. Kathrine, a world-renowned Trance Medium, has solved cold cases and astonished hundreds of thousands with her unique abilities and gifts and this summer she will do it for you from 6000 miles away in Athens, Greece! If you opted into a VIP tour, then get ready for some mediumship as Kathrine remote views during the evening giving you even more spirit communication than you bargained for.

Check out the sacred burial grounds where thousands of Shawnee have been buried and make a peace offering. Connect with the spirits of the deceased settlers and hike to the house where the massacre occurred to see if YOU can connect with these 200-year-old souls. Enjoy the cool breeze of the lake in the evening around a cozy campfire as Chris, owner and Shawnee descendant, shows you artifacts unearthed at this amazing location. Experience an afterhours spirit circle around the Lake and see if we can channel the spirits together. Finally, turn in for the evening and spend the night camping on the grounds.

Enjoy souvenir footage of your paranormal tour (if you choose that tour option), rent equipment, be a part of experiments developed by the team at PARA. Use equipment rarely available elsewhere, some custom made for or by the team themselves.


The Haunted Mafia Presents another night of famous hauntings at Madison Seminary on Our Haunted Legends of the Midwest Tour. Experience how the PARA-FAM approaches the paranormal differently from other event companies. At a THM production, you'll learn innovative investigation techniques not seen elsewhere. Participate in unique experiments and take home souvenir footafe of your investigation. Choose between a group tour or solo exploration, engage in gallery readings, remote viewing, and attend classes led by renowned demonologists and exorcists. Our events focus on para-science research rather than pure entertainment. Join us for a distinctive, professional, educational, and family-friendly experience that satisfies your paranormal curiosity until next time.

Madison Seminary has been a legendary haunted venue since 1847, housing spirits from its past as a hospital, school, and Civil War widow refuge. Uncover the forgotten stories during an evening of paranormal investigation unlike any other.

Kick off the night with a meet and greet with The Haunted Mafia team and the hosts of Our Haunted Lives. Depending on your ticket, attend a class with Dave Juliano or a gallery reading for a unique spiritual encounter. Join a VIP tour with trance medium Kathrine Sorilos doing remote viewing from Athens Greece or explore solo. Our Haunted Lives hosts will broadcast live and investigate alongside you during the event, so be prepared for the camera.

Whether you explore solo or on a tour, please vacate the premises by 3 AM. At 2 AM, all tours can investigate the grounds independently.

If you can't attend in person, check out our online options to experience the paranormal from home. Watch remote viewing sessions with psychic Kathrine Sorilos or gallery readings with Bianca Rose and Irene Achelois. Get discounted online tickets for live feeds of our events at Third Eye Online Events.

Remember to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, cameras, and any equipment you prefer. Snacks, water, or beverages are recommended. Equipment is available for rent or purchase, but feel free to bring your own.

Unleash your inner ghost hunter at our second stop on The Haunted Legends of the Midwest tour hosted by The Haunted Mafia, The Greene County Poor Farm in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania!

Get ready for a night packed with paranormal fun as you dive into a gallery reading with Laurissa Rex, psychic medium, and cast member of the chilling new TV series 24 Hours in Hell. Then, choose your adventure: team up for a guided VIP investigation or fly solo through the haunted farm. If you choose a VIP tour, brace yourself for a mind-blowing remote viewing session with the sensational Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos, all the way from Athens, Greece. Watch as she connects guests with spirits from the farm using her unique psychic skills. VIP perks also include souvenir footage of your tour, EVP recorder, K2 meter, and amplified EVP headphones for a night of ghostly encounters.

Tours are led by psychic mediums from the cast of 24 Hours In Hell for some hair-raising investigations. Get in on the action with experiments like the “Human Pendulum” and “Paranormal Balloon Wars,” or try your hand at the eerie “Paranormal Twister.” Prepare for an unforgettable psychic tour, where you can witness real spirit communication with the medium from PARA. No need to buy extra gear as the tour provides all necessary equipment. And don't forget to strike a pose because the legendary David Taylor from Our Haunted Lives will be there to capture the chills on camera!

Third Eye Event Productions is bringing cutting-edge techniques to the paranormal scene while keeping the traditional ghost-hunting methods alive.

Can't make it in person? No worries! Dive into the paranormal action from home with our online options. Watch live remote viewing sessions with psychic Kathrine Sorilos and more spine-tingling experiences at a discounted rate. Check out Third Eye Online Events for a hauntingly good time!

Haunted Legends of New England Tour: Dinner & a Show at Wilson Castle

Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure with Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos, all the way from Athens, Greece! Watch in awe as she connects you with the spirit world and even offers a sneak peek into remote viewing. Meet the cast and crew of 24 Hours in Hell, experience a gallery reading with Kathrine Sorilos, enjoy a private screening of the Series Premier, munch on snacks, and mingle with the crew. Then, dive into a ghostly exploration of a massive castle with your chosen crew or go solo on one of three thrilling guided tours.

Team up with PARA for insider tips, or listen to the spirits with the Ladies of 24 Hours in Hell as you investigate the legendary Wilson Castle. Keep an eye out for special guests from Our Haunted Lives, who might even chat with you live! End the night by bedding down with the spirits at Wilson Castle and party with fellow ghost hunters until the wee hours. The after hours social is BYOB and please remember it's 21+ to party!

Don't fret if you can't make it in person - catch all the paranormal action online with our discounted tickets. Tune in for psychic readings, meet-and-greets, and more from the comfort of your own haunt. Check out Third Eye Online Events for a ghostly good time!

Tickets may be sold as solo or tour tickets. All tickets INCLUDE:

  • Private Show
  • Catered Food
  • Investigation

***VIP tickets include overnight spot at the castle, gallery reading, remote viewing session during tour and souvenir footage as well as overnight spot in the castle.***

The Haunted Mafia presents another night on our hair-raising Haunted Legends of New England Tour aboard the USS Salem! Set sail into the eerie autumn night on September 21, 2024, with ghost-whisperers Laurissa Rex & Sarah Grim, the masterminds behind the Paranormal TV Series, 24 Hours in Hell. Listen to Laurissa discussing "The Hell House Effect," sharing eerie tales from the place that inspired the book, and reflecting on her psychic growth. Join Laurissa and Sarah for a mediumship presentation on the ship, featuring a guest demonstration by Marlena Beers, a Chaos Magician and investigator from the premiere episode. Join forces with Author and investigator Nate Elwell and Shaman Tom Gormley for a supernatural adventure like no other. Join Tom's demonology discussion and discover what Nate's upcoming paranormal adventure will be all about.

Mingle with the ghost-hunting crew, hear hair-raising tales from the show, and rub shoulders with the investigators. Dive into the world of demonology, psychic development, and get up close and personal with the crew. Then, gear up to explore the haunted USS Salem with the experts or venture out solo. Tune in to a live broadcast on PARAflixx as the hosts of Our Haunted Lives take you through the ghostly ship.

Grab one of the limited 3 ticket options: The Psychic Sailor with Thomas and Sarah, The Skeptical Sailor with Allen and Nate, or The Solo Boarding Pass for lone wolves. Hurry, spots are disappearing faster than ghosts! Buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot and support the preservation of this historic ship. Join us for a night of spooky thrills and ghostly chills!

Tours are run as small group experiences and do not exceed 12 people for THIS EVENT ONLY. Due to the nature of this event there are very limited tickets available. Tickets are sold at the door on a first come first serve basis. If you choose to buy your tickets in advance you are guaranteed a spot and you must go to for tickets.

A portion of the proceeds goes to preserving this beautiful ship so come out and investigate with us!

This Halloween, step out of your comfort zone and embrace the extraordinary! Join Laurissa Rex, Danielle Taverna, Erica Cacchiotti, and Dave Juliano for a day of unique events at the Haunted Clifton Theater. Bring your haunted objects and let these incredible psychics read them. Engage in an occult class with Dave, and immerse yourself in a gallery reading where all three psychics combine forces to showcase their gifts. Participate in psychometry and automatic writing sessions with these talented individuals. Experience remote viewing with Katherine Sorilos from Athens, Greece. Explore the 200-year-old opera house with psychic mediums and the Palmerton Area Research Alliance, either solo or in a guided investigation. Attend a seance to connect with spirits and delve into the mysteries beyond. If you have a limited overnight spot, spend the night in the theater. Souvenir footage is available for purchase. Don't forget you will be broadcast live by Dave at Our Haunted Lives, the #1 Talk Show on PARAFlixx, the Paranormal TV Network! This Halloween season, venture into the spirit world with our guides and ponder, do you believe in ghosts?

Join the spooktacular crew at The Haunted Mafia for an eerie adventure into the haunted tales of the Northeast! Get ready to team up with the paranormal pros at PARA (Palmerton Area Research Alliance), featuring ghost-hunting legends like Dave Juliano, trance medium Kathrine Sorilos, and more! Brace yourself for a hair-raising Paranormal Pilgrimage to Fort Mifflin this November!
Experience a thrilling night packed with chilling activities! Dive into a Demonology 101 class with Dave Juliano, tune into messages from the other side with Laurissa Rex, or join spooky tours led by the experts. Round off the night with a spine-tingling séance, communicating with spirits within the fort.

Bring your own drinks, cozy up by the bonfire, and if you dare, spend the night in the haunted barracks. Get your tent ready for a budget-friendly stay or opt for a traditional hotel accommodation. Don't miss this ghostly journey to Fort Mifflin, kicking off the holiday season with a bang!

Remember, check-out is at 9 AM!

Investigate over 200,000 square feet of abandoned haunted hospital at Indiana State Sanitarium.

The Haunted Mafia presents an exclusive event at one of the most haunted locations in the Midwest. Join Leitreanna Brown of Repossessed on Hulu, Dave Juliano, (Travel Channel/ Ghosthunter’s Store), and Laurissa Rex, psychic medium, (24 Hours In Hell TV Series/ Warren Legacy Foundation & Third Eye Events) for an unforgettable evening of investigating haunted legends and history.

Start your evening with a class led by the renowned demonologist Dave Juliano. Next, experience the extraordinary during a gallery reading with psychic mediums Laurissa Rex and Leitreanna Brown, who will use their abilities to connect with the other side and deliver messages from your loved ones. Mingle with special guests, shop for exclusive Haunted Mafia and 24 Hours in Hell merchandise and check out the latest equipment at The Ghost Hunters Store. Enjoy photo opportunities and autographs with Leitreanna from Hulu's Repossessed, and Sarah and Laurissa from the new paranormal TV series 24 Hours in Hell. Savor the concessions before embarking on your investigation of the haunted sanatorium. Later, venture into the night on a solo exploration or join a tour led by Dave, leveraging his 40 years of expertise and cutting-edge paranormal equipment. Alternatively, join the 24 Tour for a metaphysical journey around the sanatorium with Leitreanna. At 3 am, gather in a spirit circle to safely communicate with the other side under the November sky, surrounded by the ambiance of the sanatorium. Discover why a séance is more than a conjuring and can be a safe paranormal experience with trusted friends. If you're brave enough, spend the night at the hospital and test your courage at ISS.

During the evening the hosts of the #1 talk show on TVs PARAfixx, Our Haunted Lives, David Taylor and Ashley Moreno will be live during a special broadcast event. David and Ashley will be investigating the location and interviewing patrons throughout the evening.

There are several ticket options available. Check them out in the ticket menu.



2025 Haunted Mafia Affairs

Come one, come all to The Castle-Con and Psychic Fair! This event is a royal celebration with a hint of spring fever and a hue of Gatsby style.

The CastleCon & Psychic Fair is brought to you by the ParaFam at The Haunted Mafia, Dave Juliano, Ghost Detectives (Sci-Fi Channel) & Laurissa Mary, psychic medium, (24 Hours in Hell) , in Collaboration with David Childers, Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal Revenge (Travel Channel), and broadcast live by the #1 paranormal talk show Our Haunted Lives. It celebrates Wilson Castle's royal heritage, combines haunted glamor and hopefully satiates that spring fever by blending paranormal and horror genres with some of the most iconic and powerful industry favorites and some grass roots personalities for an unmatched Roaring 20s Gala you've never seen.

This 3 day event begins with a special VIP investigation at Wilson Castle, Vermont’s ONLY haunted Castle, on Friday, May 30th at 7 PM. The investigation is open to both solo investigators OR you can join a tour group with any of the special guests that will be in attendance and head out to uncover what is true and what is legend at this 250 year old haunted estate.

Saturday, spend your day on the vast and sprawling grounds with over 100 vendors and 35 special guests perusing food, beverages, crafts, merchandise and oddities from all around the country. Visit your special guest speakers from today’s NEWEST and hottest TV series and movies and see what’s still to come in paranormal entertainment. Break away from the mundane and ordinary and hear from fresh faces on the latest in parascience research. Visit icons like Joe Franke, the ORIGINAL student of Ed and Lorrain Warren, and find out what REALLY happened on those infamous cases and where the real haunted objects are currently. Or, visit today’s up and coming Youtubers like Lawrence Milano at MONDODocs and learn why healthy skepticism is alive and well on and everything is NOT a demon. Visit the Blue Bodhi and experience first hand why she has taken TikTok by storm as the Aura Witch. Speak with Amanda Wolf about Past Life Experiences and see if you pierced that vale before too! Visit with your cast of the HOTTEST new paranormal reality series, 24 Hours in Hell: A Paranormal Journey Through Hell House and learn about the layers of hauntings occurring at the set of the infamous Hell House occult movie franchise!

These guests and many more will be speaking, mingling and eager to share their experiences with you to make for a truly unique event with fresh young faces, old school knowledge and innovative new perspectives to make for a truly intriguing and stimulating weekend of paranormal entertainment and education at the only haunted castle in Vermont! (Full guest line up listed below.)

On Saturday, at 10 AM join a very select few patrons at the top floor of the Castle for the Psychic Fair and witness truly amazing talent as it emerges in our industry. Witness the hottest and newest mediums, reiki healers, readers, shaman’s and more as they showcase themselves across TWO psychic panels introducing themselves to YOU. Then be a part of TWO exclusive gallery readings, (included in the admission to the fair), where 2 of our mediums will communicate beyond the veil, bringing you messages from beyond. Finally, over this 4 hour time span, enjoy an intimate session of bonding time with our VIP guests as we whisk them away from the CastleCon to the castle tower to be with you where there are no lines so you can enjoy merchandise, photo ops, autographs and one on one time with your favorites before they rejoin the CastleCon mainstreamers after the fair concludes!

Saturday night get ready to dance the night away with our DJ while sipping on Roaring 20s themed drinks in your best 20s outfits. Don’t want to dress up? That’s ok, you don't have to! Come dressed to impress or come to hang with us as your 2024 self, just be sure to show up ready to party. Catered food is included in the ticket price. There will be a cash bar on the premises as well. Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Paranormal Drag Queen Monique Toosoon will be our star entertainer for the evening, bringing us games, auctions and costume contests.

Sunday, take advantage of the second part of the CastleCon and if you booked a psychic reader Saturday at the Psychic Fair, make sure to stop by to visit them for your reading! Do some last minute shopping and stop in the castle to bid farewell to heiress Denise Davine, whose Grandfather Col Wilson is the castle's namesake.

We have bundle options available for anyone who likes a discount and wants to take advantage of the weekend's festivities. We also took the initiative and booked you some great hotel discounts so call the Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn or the Best Western in Rutland and mention the event and we have you covered with a pretty great discount!

Our speaker line up is pretty fantastic and we have some great topics to cover. Speakers will vary across both days so be sure to get a copy of the schedule before you check in. Below is a sneak peak at some of what we have in store so far. There will be two speaking areas. Additionally, we will be adding some big surprise guests later in the year– As if we need to add any more!

Any questions or concerns please email us at

We hope to see you there!

The Roaring 20s Ball at Wilson Castle

Step back in time and join us for a night of glitz, glamour, and all that jazz at the unforgettable Roaring 20s Ball at Wilson Castle!

Join us for a night of glitz, glamour, and all things Gatsby at the most anticipated event of the year - The Roaring 20s Ball! Transport yourself back to the era of speakeasies, flappers, and jazz as we celebrate in style.

Date: Saturday, May 31, 2025

Time: 7:00 PM onwards

Location: Wilson Castle

Get ready to dance the night away to the swinging tunes of the 1920s, surrounded by the opulent beauty of the historic Wilson Castle. Dress to impress in your finest vintage attire, whether you opt for a dapper suit or a dazzling flapper dress.

Indulge in a delightful array of themed cocktails and delicious bites as you mingle with fellow party-goers, all while soaking in the enchanting ambiance of the era. Capture the memories by posing for photos in our stunning photo booth, complete with props that will transport you back in time.

Don't miss this chance to experience the magic of the Roaring 20s! Grab your tickets now and get ready for a night of unforgettable fun and nostalgia.


For the purposes of vendor information please take note of the following:

The ParaCon takes place on Saturday from 9 Am to 5 PM and Sunday from Noon to 5 PM. During the ParaCon vendors will be set up throughout the grounds of this enormous estate. With ample parking and room for hundreds of guests there is sure to be ample foot traffic right past your table or booth. Speakers will be set up in 2 areas giving guests and vendors plenty of options to enjoy special guests throughout the day and to ensure foot traffic stays steady and spread throughout the grounds. There are 100 vendor spots available. Spots are 10 by 10. They are primarily outside. Inside options are extremely limited and mostly reserved for sponsors. As they become available we will open them to the public.

You must provide your own tent and tables. Vendor spots are $100 and cover BOTH DAYS. Vendors do NOT have to vend both days BUT have the option to do so.

. ***Please note not all the special guests will be present on both days.***

Vendors also have the option to SPONSOR the CastleCon. Sponsorships are limited and include different perks. Sponsors enjoy the benefit of attending special guest events such as the VIP investigation Friday Night as well as the Roaring 20s Galaon Saturday night which will have a caterer, DJ and bar. Sponsors also have EXTREMELY limited spots inside the castle. Check out the sponsorship options in the add on menu.

Vendors who are specifically Psychic Readers or of this nature have the option of vending at the Psychic Fair which takes place inside the Castle during the ParaCon in a secluded area. This has been done to give guests a SPECIAL experience NEVER afforded them before at any other convention. At the fair, which is on the top floor of the castle, there will be 2 special psychic panels taking place where various mediums will be showcasing THEIR unique gifts and abilities and introducing themselves to a select few VIP patrons. Then the same guests will also be able to attend 2 GALLERY readings by 2 showcased mediums (already chosen for this event) where they MAY experience the unique phenomenon of psychic mediumship. The fair takes place between 10 AM and 2 PM at the top of the Castle and there are ONLY 75 guest tickets available. Guests will have the opportunity to book privately with these psychics and readers at this time as well. Vendors may sign up for this unique option and be part of BOTH the CastleCon and the Psychic Fair by purchasing the PSYCHIC READER ticket option. If you are this type of vendor you may have a table set up outside at the Con AND upstairs in the castle at the Fair and may vend on both days. You may be part of 1 of 2 panels you may choose where you can showcase yourself to the guests and you may utilize your booth time at the fair upstairs in between gallery readings of others and the other panel you are not a part of to conduct private readings or to pre book them for the next day. There are ONLY 10 psychic reader vendor spots available and these spots are $150. Psychic readers who would like to sponsor the CastleCon and Psychic Fair may choose this option as well in the add on menu.


If you should decide to book as a vendor please keep in mind we have hotel discounts set up at Comfort Inn, Best Western and Hampton Inn. The rooms are deeply discounted. Simply mention the name of the venue Wilson Castle Ball and Castle Con and they will give you the discounted rate.

Links to tickets for the event and its description may be found here.

Please contact us directly with any additional questions. Discounts are given for multiple booths and tables with the exception of sponsorships and food and beverage vendors.

If you should decide to book as a vendor please keep in mind we have hotel discounts set up at Comfort Inn, Best Western and Hampton Inn. The rooms are deeply discounted. Simply mention the name of the venue Wilson Castle Ball and Castle Con and they will give you the discounted rate.


Can’t make it in person but still want to experience paranormal activity? Or would you prefer to experience this from the comfort of your home? Take a look at the online options we offer to view this event and many more online! You can watch remote viewing sessions with our world renowned psychic Kathrine Sorilos, or gallery readings with Bianca Rose and Irene Achelois OR meet and greets with our special guests at all of our events at a deeply discounted price by purchasing the online tickets and watching the live feed instead. Visit the collection here at Third Eye Online Events.