Sometimes the bosses partner up with other individuals or "Associates" to bring you a different spin on events. Below we introduce to you these individuals and organizations. 

Welcome to the PARAFAM:

David Childers

Founder, It's Haunted Network

Paranormal Investigator

Co-Organizer, Wilson Castle-Con, Psychic Fair & Roaring 20s Ball- thm

David Childers is an actor, speaker, and photographer, he is the co-founder of It’s Haunted Network. David has always been drawn to the World of the Paranormal. Never has he questioned the existence of the spirit world. One major factor was growing up with family members who had certain gifts and abilities. Over the years he has had the pleasure to investigate and film with so many of the top experts around the world and to be viewed on over fifty different platforms. Some of the experts and shows that he has had the amazing opportunity to work with are as follows: Stormy Daniels of Spooky Babes Paranormal Show, Ashley Goodwin from Ghost Hunters International on Syfy, Dalen and Juwan from Ghost Brothers on Destination America, Jack Osbourne of Fright Club on Discovery Plus, Zak and Aaron from Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, Patrick burns from TruTv's Haunting Evidence and Travel Channel's Paranormal Challenge, Keith Age from the Booth Brothers film on Syfy, Kevin Betzer and Randy Hardy from Syfy's hit show Deep South Paranormal and Jeremiah Riggs from WWE Tough Enough. David has also been featured on T & E Channel in Canada, Paranormal Revenge, Paranormal 9-1-1 on the Travel Channel, Haunted Hospitals on the Travel Channel, Most Terrifying Places in America on the Travel Channel, Strange Evidence on the Science Channel, Destinations America’s on Ghost Asylum, Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, My Ghost Story, Fright Club, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Lifetime, Oxygen, Mississippi Roads, Canada's Ghost Stories, Finding Bigfoot, and national and local Mississippi news channels such as WLBT, WJV, USA Today, Clarion Ledger and CNN.